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Open Space: a place idea that born from an attitude.

Open Space was an architectural choice that matured at the end of a journey of inner reflection.

Our vision of legal consultancy is grounded in the value of the synergy that derives from the convergence of different skills. We were seeking a new, modern and functional way of being united that ensured all the necessary confidentiality while at the same time offering all the advantages of closeness, of working together.

Our new offices have been, in every respect, the result of co-designing with the architecture firm DEWG.

The interior design of the space places special emphasis on fittings and materials that prioritise good acoustics and good air quality:

Textile floor coverings: these ensure there is good sound absorption, by reducing the vibrations and noise caused by footsteps while at the same time improving air quality by capturing dust  particles.
They also have a higher resistance to microbial contamination compared with other types of flooring, both in terms of quantity and quality.


Sound-absorbing panelling: coverings for walls and for soft furnishings were chosen for their ability to absorb sound, particularly in the case of vertical surfaces.


Radiant ceiling: the steel ceiling panels have excellent sound absorption properties, absorbing even the slightest vibrations and making for a comfortable and pleasant environment. The metal ceiling contains 90% fewer cables than other systems, facilitating quick installation and flexibility.


DALI lighting system: not only is an integrated
DALI system technically advanced, it also guarantees significant savings in energy and management and maintenance costs; movement sensors and light dimmers allow optimisation of energy consumption and guarantee a consequent reduction in
electricity used.

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